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Finding Purpose Through Adversity

Finding Purpose Through Adversity

Have the last two months taught you anything about yourself or shed light on something going on in your life? I asked this question to the Forty Thrive community and the answers were profound. 

Today, I highlight two of our community members who have come together to connect us all through storytelling and the human experience. 

Kim Lamontagne is a certified speaker and state trainer in the “In Our Own Voice” program through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) New Hampshire chapter.  Kim is also a NAMI NH support group facilitator and a certified teacher in the Family to Family program.

Pam MacDougall is an Emmy-winning writer/producer and chief visual storyteller at Promission Productions, where they believe doing good is good business.  

Together, Kim and Pam have created Wall of Hope: Voices of Gratitude, a Facebook community that celebrates the humanity, strength, and selflessness of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, first responders, military personnel, farmers, maintenance workers, and so many more, who are putting our well-being ahead of their own. 

They share their story of serving others and creating a positive space for people during this time in history. 


What Men Over 40 Aren’t Telling You

What Men Over 40 Aren’t Telling You

What’s a guy’s biggest fear after turning 40? What does he think women are really going through? In this Forty Thrive Podcast episode with Rick Clemons, the guy behind the “no excuses, no fears, no apologies” movement and the host of the 40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk Podcast, as well as the Life Uncloseted Podcast, we asked our own audiences over 40 (his male community and Forty Thrive’s female community) the very same questions and come together to uncover some answers that may surprise you!

Join us as we discuss everything from our biggest fears to how men and women can come together and thrive at 40 and beyond!

More About Rick:
Over the past 20 years he’s been helping people and organizations get real about the suffocating closets they live in and he has the distinct pleasure of lovingly kicking them in the ass to make their bold moves without apologies – personally and professionally. From leadership to creativity, sexuality to parenting, and truth telling to living by your own rules, his motto is “Bust a bold move. Live life your way!”
He’s survived raising two daughters (thus the bald head), broken two world records, and once upon a time did something unbelievable at a whorehouse in Texas.

40 Episodes of the Forty Thrive Podcast!

40 Episodes of the Forty Thrive Podcast!

It’s the episode 40 episodes in the making. At this age and stage of life, we know it’s important to celebrate the little things. So we’ve created a show all about YOU — the listener. Several Forty Thrive listeners stepped up and spoke out about their favorite episodes. Take a listen!

Huge thanks to actor Andrew Bowen for the awesome Keanu Reeves and Chris Hemsworth impressions. We ladies over 40 reeeeally appreciate it. 

And a huge thanks to our Thrive Tribe for making these episodes happen every week, especially editors Joe Chaffee and Jeff MacDougall. You are loved and appreciated!

Featured Listeners:

Lisa Malcom

Julie Sgroi

Kristen Stevens

Diane Harrises

Lori Caralis

Dawn Marie Bornheimer

Julie Neale

Linda Locke

Episodes mentioned: 

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5 Simple Steps to Declutter Today with Jen Macy

5 Simple Steps to Declutter Today with Jen Macy

Move over, Marie Kondo! Our Forty Thrive community is all abuzz over our Forty Thrive 21-Day Declutter Challenge. While we’ve wrapped it up, we couldn’t leave you hanging. From the pantry to that makeup bag, master bedroom to home office, Thriver and pro organizer Jen Macy drops in to share her tips to simplify life at home in ways you may not have thought of.

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Jen Macy is the founder of Tidy Up OC, a professional organizing service based in Orange County, California.

Growing up in a large family, she has always gravitated toward tidiness to tame the chaos of her surroundings. Jen is an organizational expert who specializes in creating systems for busy families so that they can pursue their passions and spend time with the people they love the most. As a well-seasoned mother herself, she especially enjoys helping other moms bring order, harmony and a sense of control over their family life.

Jen lives in South Orange County with her son and 2 dogs. She enjoys traveling just about anywhere in the world and is happiest when surrounded by her friends and family. She is available for hands-on and virtual organizing sessions, as well as custom DIY plans to assist anyone in their pursuit of an orderly life. Connect with Jen on Facebook and Instagram.

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Premiere Episode: Ladies Who Launch

Premiere Episode: Ladies Who Launch

It’s finally here! Welcome to the launch of the Forty Thrive podcast, the show specially created for you, a woman over 40 who’s tired of the status quo and ready to take clear, simple steps toward a better life.
Are you feeling a bit behind on your life’s timeline? Meet Forty Thrive contest winner (and guest co-host) Heather Stewart. Heather, who has lived through a stint as a 40 year old intern, run multiple marathons and career changes that would make anyone curl up and cry, is hilarious, candid and living proof that 40 can be just the beginning. Meet Heather and 1300+ women over 40 in the Forty Thrive community!

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