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It’s Your Time

It’s Your Time

If you’re a woman who’s excited to see what’s next… maybe make a pivot in your career… or even (dare I say) put yourself out there, today’s guest can help you big time. Juju Hook helps “primetime women” (that’s us!) build brands. In this episode, we talk “Breakthrough Breakdowns,” six lies we’ve come to believe about aging, the 50 hour rule and so much more.

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About Our Guest: Juju Hook is a consultant, coach, and speaker. For more than a quarter century she developed brand strategy for corporations. Today, through online programs, live events, and one-to-one coaching, Juju motivates, inspires, and educates PrimeTime women in topics related to business, life, and relationships. She holds a BA in English and an MBA, and is certified as a coach and a yoga teacher. Juju lives in San Diego with her husband and her son. You can find her branding blog at and her program for PrimeTime women at Connect with Juju on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Face Yoga Method 6 Week Bootcamp

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  • How do I get people to listen to me?
  • Can I shift from a brick and mortar to go online? 


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Be You, But Better

Be You, But Better

Are you at a crossroads? Are you trying to figure out what’s next What if there were a way to understand your strengths to help you maximize those next steps?

There is. 

Today’s guest is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach who is here to help us thrive in business and our personal lives through the power of knowledge.

About our guest: Jenny Ketchepaw currently serves as the Vice President of Talent Engagement for a local bank where she manages Training and Leadership Development. She has been working in the financial industry for 22 years, serving in various leadership capacities. Jenny is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach.

About Gallop: The Gallup Strengths Assessment is a powerful tool that helps individuals identify, understand, and maximize their strengths. People that focus on their strengths are more likely to be engaged in their jobs and more likely to report having an excellent quality of life. Most people try and fix their weaknesses but by taking a Strengths Based approach and focusing on what you do well you have exponential success in those areas. We all have natural talent. The idea is to tap into that talent and invest time and energy into what comes naturally to us to really build our strengths. There are 33 million combinations of your top 5 Gallup strengths so truly nobody is as good as you are at what you. There are 34 talent themes total. We are all uniquely different and the more we can capitalize on those differences, the more successful we are in levering our talents on our teams.


How to Be Bold, Brilliant and Badass Over 40

How to Be Bold, Brilliant and Badass Over 40

Are you ready to actively cash in on life’s lessons? Are you ready to own your special brand of crazy? Rocki Howard, founder of Grown Woman Life, is here to show us how to do just that.

In this episode, we talk:

• The core principals of Grown Woman Life

• How finding your “complementary crazy” comrades makes all the difference

• Why impact means nothing if it’s not combined with this

Guest: Rocki Howard is a Senior Leader for a global recruitment process outsourcing firm by day. She has interviewed thousands of people in the span of her 30 year recruitment career. She has certifications in project management, HR and lean methodologies. During the day her love for people’s special brands of crazy have translated into her being named Global Manager of the Year and being acknowledged as one of the top 100 Global Minority Executives by EmPower 2 years running. Rocki’s passion around empowering women has resulted in her launching the Grown Woman Life platform where her mission is to highlight, engage, educate and inspire bold, brilliant, badass professional women over 40 with the goal of changing the narrative on what it means to be a professional woman over 40.

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The Power of the Only

The Power of the Only

Angela Chee’s mission is to help people break through their barriers, step into the spotlight and live their legacy. Now she’s highlighting those people in her brand new — and soon to be wildly successful — podcast the Power of the Only. 
We talk the evolution of women, how fear presents itself when we’re over 40 (vs when we were younger) and getting comfortable with our own voice, in whatever life’s season we find ourselves in. 
If you’ve ever felt like “the only” — the only woman, the only person of color, the only anything… in your work, community or family… I think this episode — and Angela’s message — will resonate deeply. 
Speaking of resonating deeply… a few days back I shared three key ways to support Forty Thrive and help me to build a team of women over 40 in creating more resources for YOU. The response did not disappoint! 

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And… before our FT membership is even launched, a huge welcome to Christine and Amy!

About Angela:

Angela Chee is a keynote speaker, media/communication coach, and host of  “The Power Of The Only” Podcast.

A former TV news anchor and reporter with more than 20 years of media experience, she now works with visionary leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who are ready to own voice, their power and amplify their message and mission through speaking, video and media. Her mission is to help people break through their barriers, step into the spotlight and live their legacy.  Through one on one coaching, group workshops and online programs she helps her clients be clear, confident and connected and ready for any opportunity on-camera and off.  

Angela’s speaking career started at 15, when she was the first Asian American woman to win the title of “Miss California National Teen-Ager.”  Now Angela presents inspirational and transformative keynotes and corporate trainings for Fortune 500 companies, universities, and professional associations on topics related to leadership, women’s empowerment, communication, diversity and media.  She also serves on the Media Advisory Board of the Asian Culture and Media Alliance and was the founder of The Zen Mom®, an inspirational and informative website for moms.

Born on the East Coast and raised in Southern California by Chinese immigrant parents, she is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. She is a mother of two and a healthy foodie, who loves yoga, quotes and all things inspirational.

You can find her @AngelaCheeTV on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube and at

The Reason You’re Broke

The Reason You’re Broke

Are you ready to get rich, lucky bitch? Denise Duffield-Thomas is here to help you do just that. 

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business.

Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances.

Denise is an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps women transform their Economy-Class money mindset into a First-Class life. Find her at

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In this episode:
What are money blocks and how can you clear them?
How you might be sabotaging your own success
How to start building abundance, one small goal at a time
The secret to starting a side hustle
How to earn passive income sharing what you already know
Why starting is more important than perfection
How to get your mojo back
The difference between a best selling author and YOU.
Check out Denise’s books: 


I’m Old. Come at Me!

I’m Old. Come at Me!

When Arthur Vibert aged out of advertising, he was overweight, unhealthy and had not much to look forward to. Then he did something most people are afraid to do — he took action. Hear how he flipped the script on his life and took charge of his happiness, and now inspires countless people 40+ to do the same. 

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Meet Our Guest: 

Arthur Vibert has had a rich and varied career, working in advertising in London, Chicago, New York and San Francisco; working as a commercial director; video producer and more recently, writing and coaching.

He was responsible for co-creating the Max Headroom campaign for Coca-Cola, the Saturn “Launch” campaign that introduced the Saturn car, as well as work for Levi’s, BMW, and many more. His work in video production includes collaborations with Apple, Mozilla and others.More recently he has been interested in working with people 40 and older who are dealing with the realities of aging in a culture that doesn’t really seem to know what to do with them. His message is simple: you are the author of your own life story – don’t let cultural expectations or the opinions of others push you into a life you don’t want to live.

Follow Arthur on LinkedIn or Facebook or at

The Value of Vulnerability with Amy Porterfield

The Value of Vulnerability with Amy Porterfield

If you’ve followed online marketing expert Amy Porterfield for more than five minutes, you know she’s constantly tossing out actionable tips and online strategies — it’s her superpower. But as a regular listener of Amy’s podcast, I felt something shift in her several months ago. How she showed up on her show started to feel… well, different.

I wondered… is it because she’s now over 40?

Did she have a coach or confidante pushing her in this new direction?

Was she tired of hiding behind who she thought she should be, instead of who she really is?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Amy shares the pivot she’s taken in her life, both in front of the camera and behind it. Plus, hear how her friends called her out for being one Amy privately, and another when showing up in business.

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Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert and host of the top-ranked business podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. But before the multiple 7-figure revenues and 250,000+ loyal subscribers…she was a self-proclaimed corporate “yes” girl. She shares how the time she took notes (at a separate table, mind you) for personal development guru Tony Robbins and a table full of men working in marketing that she discovered she wanted a piece of the action.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing when Amy decided to break out on her own. It wasn’t until she built a successful business filled with consistent clients that she realized she actually haaaaated what she was doing and made a pivot.

That brings us today when she’s killing it in the online game and even expanding her team and creating big goals for the future.

Plus, Amy shares what “Forty Thrive” means to her.

Random Amy facts: 
• She authored one of those big yellow “Dummies” books all about Facebook.
• She was named by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers
• She can’t get enough of The Real Housewives.
• She’s embarrassingly obsessed with her dog, Scout.
• And she can be found playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” on repeat.

The Heart of Female Entrepreneurship with Katie Krimitsos

The Heart of Female Entrepreneurship with Katie Krimitsos

Katie Krimitsos is a powerhouse entrepreneur, growth strategist & business coach dedicated to helping women take their businesses to the stratosphere! Katie is the creator of Biz Women Rock, a global community of action-taking women entrepreneurs. Through her podcast (which started the whole thing), Facebook Group, coaching services, online education programs and live retreats, Katie’s purpose is to provide her community with the best resources possible to help create massive results in their businesses.

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One would think helping women launch and grown impactful businesses would be enough for Katie, but NOPE. She’s also the founder of the Meditation for Women podcast, part of the Women’s Meditation Network. Katie’s deeply interested in continually evolving herself, in becoming more mindful, trying to live the most vibrant life she can possibly live. She’s an athlete, a vegan, an adventurer, a recovering perfectionist and gladiator.

Check out Katie’s Biz Women Rock community.

Listen to the FREE Biz Women Rock podcast.

Listen to the FREE Meditation for Women podcast.

NOW AVAILABLE: Fall soundly asleep (and stay asleep) with Katie’s Peaceful Sleep Collection.

Best Money Moves with Ilyce Glink

Best Money Moves with Ilyce Glink

Ilyce Glink is an award-winning financial journalist, television and radio personality, syndicated columnist, and the founder of four Chicago-based companies. Her latest company is Best Money Moves, a cloud-based, mobile-first platform that employers give to their employees use to measure and dial down financial stress, lowering turnover and absenteeism while fostering engagement, productivity, and better health outcomes.

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In this episode, Ilyce shares her financial experience and insight to help us:
• Raise kids with positive attitudes around money
• Catch up (financially and in the work force)
• Understand life insurance: Getting the right type of plan and the appropriate amount of coverage
• Plus, how to get the most protection when we need it by “laddering”  life insurance
• Tap into networking opportunities we haven’t thought of
• Get in front of the right decision makers to pivot and grow our careers

Ilyce’s financial journalism work appears on and dozens of newspapers, including the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. Her corporate clients include everything from Fortune 1000 companies to start-ups, and she has written more than a dozen books on money and real estate, with nearly one million books in print.

Some of Ilyce’s (many) books:

50 Simple Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Personal Finances: How to Spend Less, Save More, and Make the Most of What You Have

50 Simple Steps You Can Take to Disaster-Proof Your Finances: How to Plan Ahead to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones and Survive Any Crisis

100 Questions You Should Ask About Your Personal Finances: And The Answers You Need to Help You Save, Invest, and Grow Your Money

100 Questions Every Home Seller Should Ask: With Answers from the Top Brokers from Around the Country

100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask: With Answers from Top Brokers from Around the Country

5 Things You Can Do THIS WEEK to Create an Abundant 2019 with Danisha Danielle Wrighster

5 Things You Can Do THIS WEEK to Create an Abundant 2019 with Danisha Danielle Wrighster

What if you could spend a couple of hours taking simple steps that would be a complete game changer for the year ahead?

You can.

Danisha Wrighster is a multi-millionaire commercial real estate expert who has turned her life around with a combination of strategy, determination and a clear mindset. Today, she’s sharing her wisdom to help us become even more abundant in 2019.

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In Danisha’s eyes, motivating others through their challenges to success and happiness is the driving force behind why she shares her journey. With style all her own, Danisha hopes to inspire people to shift their mindset from scarcity to abundance and gratitude so they can reap the benefits of a life that is greater than they ever imagined.

A young, single, jobless mother on government assistance, Danisha began her commercial real estate brokerage career. With the odds stacked against her, Danisha worked 60-80 hour weeks (often with her daughter in tow) to establish herself in the industry. After not making any money for over 7 months, her hard work paid off. She earned $212,000 in commissions in 5 months and was awarded Rookie of the Year for the #1 commercial real estate office in the company. Two years later, Danisha bought her first home and her first investment property in the same month. It would be the first of multiple partnerships and individual purchases that contributed to the $6.5+ million real estate portfolio and an award-winning Keller Williams real estate team that she owns today.

Danisha began blogging financial advice to women and mothers using the business acumen she learned during the course of her career. She’s appeared on several national talk shows and was the host of Oprah Winfrey Network’s OwnShow. Danisha also appeared as a real estate expert on FOX TV’s primetime show “Home Free.”

Danisha honestly and openly shares the tools, mistakes, lessons, and experiences that changed her life and re-created her financially through television, social media, and speaking appearances.

Mentioned in this episode:

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